EUI themes for the EcoTV?
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EUI Version: us_5.0.050S us_5.0.050S
Status: In progressing In progressing
Probability: systematic 100% systematic 100%
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  • Powerdesk222
    I don't want to complain about the current theme on the Super4 X55, but the theme could use some major updating.

    What needs changed? You tell me, I am not very familiar with many smart tv user interfaces, but I know it looks boring to me.

    I also noticed that you cannot really make shortcuts to the desktop from apps you installed, that would be nice, as well as delete apps and shortcuts you would never use.

    The ability to manipulate more of the interface would be appreciated to cater to each individuals needs or wants, ability to change the wallpaper on current theme would be a nice start.
    2017-01-24 21:34:46
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