Digital Audio Out not working
Product name: uMax85 uMax85
EUI Version: us_5.0.051S us_5.0.051S
Status: Resolved Resolved
Probability: systematic 100% systematic 100%
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  • talesfromabove
    i just got my umax85 a few days ago and everything seems to work fine except i can't use digital audio out. i'm using the optical cable that came with my sonos playbar and the sonos tells me it is properly connected to the tv (the optical cable is showing a red light meaning it is properly connected to a optical device (the tv)), but the tv doesn't allow me to change sound output to digital audio out - it just allows me to choose the tv speakers.

    anything i should be doing differently?

    many thanks!!

    2017-02-06 01:30:56
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