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EUI Version: us_5.0.050S us_5.0.050S
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  • sher_asim
    I have a Super4 X55 TV, about a month and a half old. TV has a wifi connection problem.
    MAC# C80E77FAD82A
    EUI Version: 5.8.050S_1028 -- Note, when I go to system update, it says I am up to date
    Hardware Version: H5000
    Software Version: V2401RUS13C058050B10282S

    I have had this wifi problem since the beginning.

    Every day or other day, the wifi disconnects automatically.

    When the wifi is disconnected, I cannot connect to a network because the wifi doesn't show any networks. Even after turning the wifi on, "Wifi Opening" just stays there for a long time. I can go back to home screen, but Wifi remains 'off'. When switch the wifi on, the 'wifi opening' stays there without showing me the networks to select.

    The only way to reconnect the wifi is to turn off the on/off physical switch in the back and turn it back on.

    After physically re-starting the TV (from on/off switch), the wifi connects; however, the network Time doesn't get updated (it seems the network is not recognized and the correct time and date are not correct). Although the wifi connects, when I click on the wifi settings, it shows the wifi is off and when I turn it on, the "Wifi Opening" just stays there without giving me options to select other wifi networks. (Please see attached images describing this paragraph).

    Can this issue please be corrected so that wifi connects properly, automatic network time is detected properly and wifi network selection works properly. Is this a hardware or software issue?

    I have noticed others on the forum complaining of similar issues. Please fix.
    2017-01-25 13:56:19
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