problem connection data and wifi
Product name: Le Pro3 Le Pro3
EUI Version: us_5.8.020S us_5.8.020S
Status: In progressing In progressing
Probability: systematic 100% systematic 100%
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  • ndtuan20
    I am using a Le Pro 3 WEXNAOP5802101261S firmware version. My current phone is the 3G connectivity issues. I'm always on data connection (3G, 4G) and Wi-Fi, however, when left overnight, when the phone is turned off wifi will not automatically connect to data.
    To reconnect me to toggle airplane mode.
    Please show me how to fix it.
    Sorry for my english is not good.
    Thank you very much.

    I am using networks: Vinaphone
    Model LEX727
    2017-03-02 17:53:41
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