PROBLEM - password required to start device
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EUI Version: us_5.8.021S us_5.8.021S
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  • Hedgehog

    I just bought a Le 3 Pro phone. I wanted to use it for business Gmail account. However in order to do that phone needs to be encrypted, or better to say in needs a password when starting device. To explain this in little more details:

    On android devices there are two passwords. First one is the one you are getting when you are encrypting the phone that allows you to encrypt the phone before booting. Other one is password protection of the phone (this is the one what you can set as password and fingerprints). This can be same password, in which case I would need to enter this password two times, but doesn't have to be. In order to access my business Gmail account, I need them both, since our company policy is that way (a couple more companies as well).

    I my case, I have second password (set password and your fingerprint), but first one that is connected with encryption is not there and I can not set it. This completely disables login with business account, rather Google device policy doesn't allows it since there is no encryption password. Can you help with this, since I can not use this phone for my business account in this way.

    How can we solve this problem, since I exclusively bought the phone for business.

    2017-03-15 23:14:11
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