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Problems using another app
Модель устройства: Le Max2 Le Max2
Выпуск системы: in_5.8.019S in_5.8.019S
Статус: Система автоматически отключена Система автоматически отключена
Вероятность  воспроизведения : Обязательно появляется  Обязательно появляется 
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  • sandoz_may
    I have installed an app for managing my contacts and SMS-es, and this lead to some serious problems. I stopped receiving SMS-es until I find out that I have to add my app in Phone-manager->Power saving management->App protection. Isn't it possible for the app to be added automatically since it is chosen to be my default app for SMS-es, or at least I should be warned?
    Not about the problem I was not able to fix. The notification LED does not indicate missed calls and received SMS-es. I guess the reason is the same -not using the build in app, but in Settings->Display-> LED notification light I have switched everything ON, and still the light is on only when charging. This is quite annoying and destroy the pleasure of having a nice phone!
    My EUI version is 5.9.020S, which was not available in the combobox from the previous page
    2017-02-08 04:00:56
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