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EUI Version: in_5.8.048S in_5.8.048S
Status: Resolved Resolved
Probability: in specific conditions in specific conditions
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  • LeMe3230839086
    My TV is having display panel . Nothing is happening from your side. Except falls promises. How much one can wait. I am requesting since 26 Dec and conditions remains the same. Niether you nor your senior are taking any concrete step in solving my problem. Now situation is out of hand. I have taken very wrong step by purchasing your brand. I am only becoming fool. You people are compelling me to take some hard action. May consumer court can help me. I'll wait till Saturday. If you're not able to solve my problem by Saturday 14 of Jan. Then on Monday firstly I will submit my application in consumer court so that justice can be made.
    Thank you
    2017-01-14 01:28:14
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