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EUI Version: in_5.8.048S in_5.8.048S
Status: Resolved Resolved
Probability: not reproduceable not reproduceable
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  • LeMe3230839086
    I am requesting you fro last 30 days for my tv troubleshooting but nothing is happened yet. Frequent you people for change of my tv display pannel.
    My problem is being handle by Mr Manoj Attri.. He has processed my case further to higher authority for approval. But nothing is happening.
    I want to ask why.. what the fuck you people doing there. Waisting time of customers. I had enough ..
    I think you guys understand only legal language . Tomorrow I am going to consumer court . It's been One complete month. You had made enough fool of me.. Now see in court.
    2017-01-24 16:25:57
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