pathetic service. 60 days over still TV is not replaced.
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  • Sravani
    TV installation was so much delayed. Got irritated for calling continuously for 7 days. Within 10 days TV stopped working. TV was turning on but no picture. Raised a replacement request with order ID 4071934443170 and replacement request number 2016110600005 on 06/11/2016. TV was picked from my home on 19/11/2016. From that day the status is the same. Its been 2 months almost (60 days) but it has not moved even a single bit. I sent mail to customer care for almost 4 times. They replied for first time and after that stopped replying. I am calling to customer care almost 3 times in a week and every time a new person say the same thing to wait for few days and issue is escalated. When asked for supervisors they say they are not available even though Lemall claims they have fully staffed customer support. This is pure cheating of the customer to make him pay for 60000 rupees and not providing the replacement TV even after 2 months. i want my money back. How to escalate this to higher level. Thinking of going to consumer court for this kind of behavior.
    2017-01-03 17:12:03
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