Le 2 Camera Recording At 60 FPS support
Product name: Le 2 Le 2
EUI Version: in_5.8.019S in_5.8.019S
Status: Closed Closed
Probability: systematic 100% systematic 100%
My comments
  • CA_Md_Asif_Zaman_Ansari
    Le 2 camera have the ominivsion sensor and it has the ability to record the videos at 1080p HD @ 60 fps but unfortunately its been disabled by the le eui operating system.
    So, my opinion is that if the camera supports the 60 fps recording then why its been disabled.
    Although its also support slow motion recording @ 120 fps.

    So, if possible please enable this feature or any others if deliberately disabled by the le eui team and make it enable in the next ota update.
    2017-03-23 14:43:22
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