USB not recognised,Fast charging not done
Product name: Le 2 Le 2
EUI Version: in_5.8.019S in_5.8.019S
Status: Closed Closed
Probability: systematic 100% systematic 100%
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  • LeMe1735552082
    hi sir,

    I purchased Le2 on 19 September, 2016.

    Phone was working good condition,but last week onwards i.e March 2nd 2017,

    phone was not connecting to laptop through USB cable,showing USB not recognized,

    i didnt connect my phone storage.Charging also very slow to get 30% around 5 hours it taking.previous time for 90 % it will take only 1 hr.

    I shutdown my mobile and connect to charger through Le2 power adapter red light came and after wards charging icon showing ,its charging.

    but within 3 seconds again restarts red light came and after wards charging icon.. Please solve my issue sir.

    My phone, USB Type -c cable and Power adapter are still in Warranty in my locality there is no Service center.

    thanking you sir



    2017-04-11 18:15:34
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